Long Live The Web

'I have two facebook accounts. In one of them I have my friends and cool people. In the other I have my parents.'

Source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/lowres.cartoonstock.com/computers-social_media-social_network-social_networking-friends-parents-jprn190_low.jpg

The web has been an inseparable part of my life since the first day I learnt to use the common desktop at home. Back in the days, the only way to get Internet access was to use dial-up connection, which was slow and costly. (Comment below if you been through this painful phase of life!) With the vast improvements in technology and infrastructure, Internet access became more widely available to the mass public.

Applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat may seem familiar to all of us. We basically share information of us such as pictures, videos, locations, feelings and thoughts to people whom we want to share with, or rather, whom we do not want to share with (is anybody not friends with their families/relatives on FB for whatever reasons?)

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 3.56.04 PM.png

Source: Sensis Social Media Report 2016

With reference to the most used social networking sites in 2016, let’s see how Adidas used a few social media platforms to its advantage!


Companies have been trying various means and ways to capture the attention of the consumers, by riding on the waves of increasing social media usage in its consumers. Adidas definitely caught my attention for the best social media marketing campaign they pulled off so far, by integrating various platforms to achieve its marketing objective. Sneakerheads have been going crazy over the Adidas NMDs, a shoe model that Adidas released last year. 2 days ago, Adidas released a 100 pair-only limited edition model and the one and only way to get hold of this shoe is through a GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN (you can’t even buy it even if you have the money too!), which requires users to:

  1. Go on Adidas’s FB page for their Snapchat details
  2. Add Adidas Originals on Snapchat
  3. Wait for Adidas Originals to release a number, not knowing when they will post a snap
  4. Get hold of the number and SMS them your shoe size, to join a lucky draw
  5. Wait for their confirmation text, and pray that you win!


Despite the trouble to join the lucky draw, fans worldwide were not affected by it. I am amazed at how Adidas integrated different platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and the conventional SMS, to create a hype that was never before seen for a shoe. Fans quickly shared this information on their Facebook page to allow other like-minded individuals to know of this limited release of the NMD.

Adidas managed to use their own social media platform for creating awareness, and made its consumers to self-generate content to promote for Adidas, using the consumer’s own social media platforms. This, essentially is a brilliant way to use social media marketing!

In a research done by Khim, Cheng, Lin in 2012, they found that such engagement between brands and its customers social media brand communities leads to positive increase in purchase expenditures, and that UGC (user-generated content) exhibits a stronger impact on consumer purchase behaviour than MGC (market-generated content).

Continue to come back to my blog next week for more! Lastly, to end off this blogpost, I just hope that I win the shoe.

4448587Source: http://www.mememaker.net/static/images/memes/4448587.jpg

One comment

  1. I think this is quite interesting because I did a reading and it says most people try to connect and engage with a brand over social media for the purpose of discounts and freebies, its quite interesting to see a brand actually do it for real and with a promotion that seems like alot of fun and also provides a good product (the NMDs are dope).

    Its good to see that Adidas is seeing in the long-term and not being short-sighted with their advertising campaigns. Given how popular the Adidas has become in the past year with Yeezy’s, Ultraboosts, NMDs, Stan Smiths all becoming SUPER SUPER popular, how do you think they should capitalize on this new-found popularity?


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