Are you a Pokémon master?



Quick question: What is one game that everybody has downloaded in their phone? Clash of Clans? Candy Crush? I hope that your answer is the same as mine, POKEMON GO!

Unless you live under a well, you are more than likely to have heard of Pokemon GO that drove the world (yes, literally) crazy. With the first launch on 6 July 2016, Pokemon GO has been downloaded 100 million times to date, and its user base has been gradually increasing everyday, generating close to $10 million daily. In the US alone, it has 20 million daily active users, that is 4 time the total population of Singapore alone!

Strange news around world appear every now and then, from finding a dead body while going the island catching Pokemons, to tens or dozens of ‘Pokemon masters’ gathering together at a specific place as if there is a demonstration. The hype of this game is unreal!

What is it that makes people around the world going crazy over it? Apart from being one of the first to use augmented reality in a mobile game, Pokemon GO offers its customer some values that they cannot find elsewhere.

For some, walking around hatching eggs in the game allows them to lead a healthier lifestyle (Functional value). For most, it is the relive of childhood memories and that sense of familiarity in which Pokemon brings to them (Symbolic value), which made them hooked to this game. For some, they play to earn money, selling high-level accounts online or offering services like ‘egg-hatching services‘ (Economic value).

In 2012, global revenue for in-app purchases reached 2.1 billion USD. As in-app purchases are becoming more and more popular, this figure is estimated to more than double in 2017.

Even though it is a free-for-all game to download on Apple Store or Play Store, Pokemon GO offers in-app purchases for those who seek to be ahead of the game by purchasing incentives to speed up their progress. PokeCoins, the in-game currency is required to purchase necessities like PokeBalls. Players can earn PokeCoins during normal gameplay, but the fastest away to earn them is to buy them in-app. Players can pay from 99 cents to $99.99 for the coins. Considering their huge customer base, we can definitely see how they can generate $10 million daily!



I do play Pokemon GO myself and have bought their PokeCoins in an attempt to make my eggs hatch a little faster. Some may argue that you’re paying for something that is virtual and not tangible, but some feel that it is alright to not have your daily cup of latte just to hatch your eggs faster.

Are you also a victim to in-app purchase? Share with me your stories in the comment box below!

Here’s a funny picture compilation of Augmented Reality in Pokemon GO!






  1. Hey Anton! As i do play Pokemon too, i personally think that the post is really nice. Not only it is informative, the post succeed to attract viewers and the video at the bottom part is interesting to watch. However, if some improvement were to made, I would suggest to go for deeper understanding, at one point where, digital business model is not static – it is rapidly moving. Focusing not only what’s resent, but how did Pokemon reach their success point in 2016? There are times when Pokémon was only known by Nintendo players back then. Based on the data from Digital Vision (2016), Pokémon has higher traffic compared to any other social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, even tinder!), and higher usage rate – most people spend about 43 minutes on Pokemo Go. It would be really nice to do an alsysis about how has Pokémon been doing in the market, what have they done that made them so successful now? What was their huge change in “digital business model” that has driven them way up to their point now in 2016?


    1. Hi Shelia,

      Thank you for the recommendations on my post! From your statistics on the amount of traffic people spend on Pokemon GO, we can definitely see that it has done well now. However, it is also a good point to take note on how Pokemon GO can learn from the present and do even better in the future. In recent news, there has been a worrying trend that this game’s hype is dying down. Maybe your suggestion might be of some help to Pokemon GO’s creators!!


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