Are we Good To Go?



We may not deny that the main objective of a business is ultimately to make money or gaining a certain profit from it. For some, it is for a good cause.

One such great example to me would be Too Good To Go. Too Good To Go is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing food wastage, helping consumers save money, and save the planet by saving food. Through their mobile application and website, consumers can order delicious from local restaurants, cafes and bakeries from £2 and a maximum of £3.80 (and that’s from the second best Japanese restaurant in the country!) and collect it an hour before they close. This revolutionary concept not only saves the food from being thrown away into the bin, consumers can enjoy great delicious food at only a fraction (or even more!) of what they normally cost.

Founded in 2015 in Denmark by a group of friends, they were able to expand and grow its foundations in six different countries as of August 2016.

In my humble opinion, TGTG made a right decision in choosing mobile application and website for their marketing platforms. Why is this so?

From Internet Trends 2016 – Code Conference compiled by Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers,  the number of smartphone users is growing, but not at the same rate as compared to previous years (refer to Fig. 1). On the other hand, they found that using Internet/Web Chat and Social Media are the two best ways for businesses to reach out to millennials, who makes up a major part of TGTG’s target market (refer to Fig. 2).

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.00.24 PM.png

Figure. 1

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.07.00 PM.png

Figure. 2

How can TGTG make use of social media to improve? 

Using the 4I’s of mobile social media, TGTG can:



Integrating Snapchat into consumer’s life

Snapchat is the top 5 most used social media platforms in 2016, and has over 100 million users daily. TGTG can use Snapchat’s Sponsored Filter function to help promote its cause to a specified geographic location. For example, KFC’s “Love at first bite” filter was applied 200,ooo times, and noticed a 23% increase in store visits. Friends of the consumers will be exposed to TGTG more often through Snapchat, which would be seen as less annoying that a blatant advertisement on their mobile.

Individualise their preferences

TGTG can introduce individualization to their consumers by allowing them to customise their preferences in their mobile application or website. For example, consumers may have a preference for Japanese cuisine according to their online profile. With this information, TGTG can recommend more Japanese restaurants that is near to the consumer, when they are searching for a restaurant in the app.

Involve consumers through engaging conversations

TGTG has been doing a great job actively trying to connect with their consumers through social media platforms like Twitter. With a smartphone in every consumer’s hand, conversations become instantaneous and responsive. TGTG can thus connect create a more engaging conversation with their consumers by replying them on Twitter or Facebook, showing them that TGTG actually cares and appreciate their comments and feedbacks.

Initiating user-generated content

Restaurants with the same vision as TGTG can work hand-in-hand with them by emailing TGTG. Rather than having restaurants to contact TGTG directly, I suggest that TGTG has a “Recommended” sections in their application/website, where consumers can recommend local restaurants/cafes/bakeries with geo-tagged locations which they hope to find on TGTG’s app. User-generated content like these allows TGTG to include more eateries in their selections, increasing the choices for consumers, and makes consumers feel more connected with the business when TGTG adopts their recommendations.

Even with the 4 I’s of mobile social media, is TGTG still good to go? What other ways do you think they can adopt to allow more people to join them in saving food, saving money and saving the planet?

Share your suggestions with me in the comment box below!


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