How to be in “Page 1”?

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Remember the last time you Googled something, and you actually had to scroll through a few pages of searches before you actually found something that you were looking for?

Google currently takes up a huge 75% of the pie in terms of market share for U.S search, as compared to other search engines like Bing, Baidu and Yahoo. The average number of Google searches per second is a whopping 2.3million!

The complex algorithm (Google calls this the Hummingbird) of Google search utilizes around 200+ factors to determine your ranking on a search page.

From a user point of view:

Imagine the frustration of refining your keywords in the search box umpteen times before getting your desired results. It’s not a good feeling yeah?

Introducing to you the AROUND( ) operator, optimizing your search results with the use of this technique. For example; you might search for “Bill Gates” and “charity”. Instead of typing “Bill Gates and charity” in your search box, you can type “Bill Gates AROUND(4) charity”. The number “4” specifies the number separating the two words, refining your search. How useful is this! Here’s also a list of other search operators you can use.

From a business point of view:

Businesses can use AdWords, an advertising service by Google that matches their keyword searches to display ads on Google’s advertising network. For example; I’d have an anniversary coming up and I’m surprising someone with a bouquet of flowers. I Google “flowers online” and I get a few businesses that uses AdWords to advertise. Using general keywords such as “flowers”, “online” and “roses” certainly helped these few merchants on top of my list.Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 4.43.47 PM.png

Alternatively, businesses can also appear in the first page of the search (e.g Interflora) by optimizing the keywords in your bio. In an interview with Andrey Lipattsev, Senior Quality Strategist at Google, he mentioned that the top 3 main ranking factors were:

  1. Links to your site
  2. Content of your site
  3. RankBrain

Recognising the importance of SEO, how can businesses further improve their chance of “being found”? Share with me in the comment box below!


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