Month: October 2016

Effective selling via TROLLING?

There are thousands of ways to sell a product in this world. Some companies choose to stick to the 4P’s of marketing, while others think of different (often, weird ways) and unique ways to attract buyers.

Spam and trolls are not some of the ways that sellers would give serious consideration about when trying to sell off their products. Selling products and services through spam mail receives an annual revenue of $200 million annually, BUT some $200 billion is spent fending them off. This 100:1 ratio of cost to benefit is enough prove that spams are very unwelcoming even till today!

Trolls aren’t very much welcomed either. There’s even a long list (100 plus types) of different types of trolls compiled by an US company if you really want to categorise them.

Despite so, trolling can still be very effective in helping you to sell! Or at least that’s what happened for his guy:


Image 1: Pictures of product.From:
Image 2: Description of product. From:

The seller gave a really funny description to the giant Snorlax toys that he is selling. His post quickly went viral on Facebook and toys were quickly sold out.

Jayson DeMers, a CEO of a Seattle-based content marketing firm, suggested 7 free or low-cost ways to generate buzz for businesses, including :

  1. Having a creative marketing hook
  2. Being honest and transparent to set apart you from the competition
  3. Free PR from the buzz

‘Featherlit’, seller of the Snorlax toy is just one of the few example to achieve the above 3 objectives by successfully creating hype and buzz through its genuine and honest story in its description page.

Do you know of any examples that is like Featherlit? Comment below and let me know!